get paid from game golden town

Golden Towns is a browser game with some flash animations.  It’s a cute farm game like Farmville but the setting or “look” of the game seems to be in the medieval ages.

The main goal of the game is to develop your town >> level up your buildings, maximize the production of your resources, trade resources, and my gold.

The gold that you earn from the game (from mining and other activities) can be sold for real Euro that you can withdraw via Paypal or another online payment processor.  One gold is equivalent to 3 euros when you’re selling and around 5 euros when you’re buying.  (Updates: 1 GT gold is now equivalent to around 2 euros.  Rates change depending on the gold buying & selling activities of the players.)


Step # 1.

Register a free account at Golden Towns at

Step # 2.

Activate and login to your GT account.

It’s easy to get started here at Golden Towns because there’s a virtual guide named Maria that will show you the basics.

Step # 3.

Start playing the game!

Maria will soon let you play the game on your own after explaining the basics.  So the next step will depend on you.

But in order for you to avoid wasting time, resources and energy, here are some suggestions that you can do during this initial stage of the game.


  • Don’t be in a hurry to mine gold.  Mining gold demands a LOT of resources and at this stage of the game – you will not be able to afford it.  You will just waste resources to maintain it.  Increase your production first before building a gold mine.
  • Upgrade the roads. Roads that connect production buildings and houses to the city hall.  You cannot upgrade your production buildings and houses if you don’t upgrade the roads first.

Upgrade production buildings and houses simultaneously with road upgrading. Higher-level production buildings mean more resources to produce while higher level houses will give you a higher “Happiness” level and will likewise enable you to hire more unskilled workers.

If all your houses are at level 10 then you will have 100% Happiness.  A higher level of happiness means a longer lifespan for your citizens.  At 100% Happiness,>> newly recruited citizens will live 60 days (the maximum lifespan).

That’s it for now!

I will post more guides on how to play GT soon including tips and tricks that I’ve picked up while playing the game.  So make sure to bookmark this site or subscribe so you can receive the latest posts right in your inbox. Source: game penghasil uang

Happy gaming! ^_^